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Cuke Mule

Hanson Cucumber vodka, Gosling's ginger beer, lime


The Relapse
Don Q Añejo, lemon, maple syrup, hellfire bitters


Wasp's Elbow
Botanist gin, lemon, cardamom honey, maraschino


Smoking Crow

Baller whiskey, 5 Spice syrup, orange bitters


Espresso Martini

Titos Vodka, Kahlua, Coffee



Reposado Paloma

Altos Tequila, Fresh Grapefruit, Fresh Lime, Salt Rim




Manor Hill Porter. Md. 5.5.%


Coffee, chocolatey, biscuity.


Rotating Cider



Bitburger, Premium Pils

Germany. 5%


Herbal, grassy with light floral noble hops.


DC Brau Winter Ginger  DC 5% 


Bright citrus and pine


Black Flag, Sun Run, MD.  6.5%

Hazy IPA

Bright and citrusy.


Allagash White.

Belgian.  5.2%

Lemon, orange and a hint of clove.

Guinness, IRL. 4.20%    
Irish Dry Stout    
Bitter and sweet, malt, roasted cocoa    
$7/ $17.50 / $28

Rotating Seasonal

Ask your bartender

Inexpensive Beer, USA. 5%

Golden Fizzy Beer (GFB)

Tastes like beer.


Add a shot of Redemption bourbon + $5

Liquid Aleworks, Low Life Seltzer MD, 5.5%


Pear, cinnamon, vanilla


Maine Lunch, ME, 7%

New England Style IPA

Pine, citrus, resin, medium haze. Hard to get!!

$10/ $25 / $40

Mamas Yella Pils CO 4.7%

Czech Pils

Crisp, light smooth

$7/ $16.50 / $28

Brouwerij Verhaeghe, Duchesse De Bourgogne, Belg. 6.2%

Flemish Red

Wine, Vinegar, and Dark Cherry notes

$10. 10 oz. Pour

Union, Cold Pro. MD. 5%


Tart, big and bold.



Brut Prosecco




Sauvignon Blanc


Pinot Grigio






Pinot Noir









Angel's Envy (Louisville, KY)  $14

Bakers (Clermont, KY)  $14

Basil Hayden (Clermont, KY)  $14

Bernheim Small Batch (Bardstown, KY)  $12

Bib & Tucker Small Batch (Columbia, TN)  $14

Blade & Bow (Louisville, KY) $14

Bookers (Clermont, KY)   $13

Borough Bourbon (Washington, DC)  $11

Bulleit Bourbon (Plainfield, IL)  $10

Fillibuster Kentucky “Dual Cask” (Maurertown, VA)  $28

Four Roses Small Batch (Lawrenceburg, KY)  $20

Henry Mckenna Single Barrel (Bardstown, KY)  $22

Hudson Baby (Gardiner, NY)  $28

Jefferson Ocean (Louisville, KY)  $28

Jim Beam (Frankfort, KY)  $8

Knob Creek (Clermont, KY)  $10

Legent Wine + Sherry Cask Finish (Clermont, KY)  $14

Makers Mark (Loretto, KY)  $14

Michter's Bourbon (Louisville, KY)  $12

Noah's Mill (Nelson Co., KY)  $16

Old Forrester 1920 (Louisville, KY)  $16

Old Forrester 1910 (Louisville, KY)  $20

Old Forrester 1870 (Louisville, KY)  $24

Redemption Bourbon (Lawerenceburg, IN)  $10

Rowan's Creek (Bardstown, KY)  $12

Tarnished Truth 9 year (Virginia Beach, VA)  $24

Traverse City Bourbon (Traverse City, MI)  $10

Traverse City Barrell Proof (Traverse City, MI)  $12

Traverse City Port Finish (Traverse City, MI)  $12

Widow Jane (Brooklyn, NY)  $14

Willet 3 yr (Bardstown, KY)  $12

Willet Potstill (Bardstown, KY)  $15

Woodford Reserve (Versailles, KY)  $14



Bulleit Rye (Plainfield, IL)  $10

Catoctin Creek Single Barrel (Purcellville, VA)  $12

Copper Fox Rye (Sperryville, VA)  $12

Copper Fox Peachwood (Sperryville, VA)  $12

District Made Rye (Washington, DC)  $10

Few Rye (Evanston, IL)  $12

Fillibuster Kentucky Rye (Maurertown, VA)  $12

Knob Creek Rye (Clermont, KY)  $12

Knob Creek Twice Barreled Rye (Clermont, KY)  $12

Michter’s Rye (Louisville, KY)  $12

Old Overholt Bonded (Clermont, KY)  $8

Pikesville (Bardstown, KY)  $12

Ragtime Rye (Brooklyn, NY)  $12

Rebel yell (Indiana)  $9

Redemption Rye (Lawerenceburg, IN)  $10

Rittenhouse Rye (Bardstown, KY)  $10

Rodham Rye (Washington, DC)  $12

Sagamore Spirit Rye (Baltimore, MD)  $10

Sagamore Spirit Rye Double Oak (Baltimore, MD)  $14

Sagamore Spirit Rye Moscatel Reserve (Baltimore, MD)  $12

Sagamore Spirit Rye Vintner’s Finish (Baltimore, MD)  $1

Tarnished Truth 3 year High Rye (Virginia Beach, VA)  $14

Templeton Rye (Templeton, IN)  $14

Traverse City Rye (Traverse City, MI)  $14

Whistle Pig Piggy Back (Shoreham, VT)  $10

Whistle Pig Straight Rye (Shoreham, VT)  $14

Whistle Pig Rye Crop No. 002 (Shoreham, VT)  $14

Whistle Pig Old World Cask Finish (Shoreham, VT)  $20

Whistle Pig 15 year (Shoreham, VT)  $46


American Whiskey

Gentleman Jack (Lynchburg, TN)  $10

Jack Daniels. (Lynchburg, TN)  $9

Michter'sAmerican Whiskey  $10

Stolen Whiskey (St.Petersburg, FL)  $20



Balvenie Double Wood 12 yr (Speyside Single Malt)  $28

Balvenie Caribbean Cask 14 yr (Speyside Single Malt)  $32

Benraich 10 yr (Speyside Single Malt)  $13

Connemara Peated Single Malt $14

Compass Box Great King St Glasgow Blend (Highland Blended Malt)  $13

Compass Box Spice Tree (Highland Blended Malt)  $14

Compass Box Hedonism (Blended Grain)  $16

Dalwhinnie 15 yr (Highland Single Mat) $18

Glendronach Allardice 18 yr (Highland Single Malt)  $47

Glenfidich 12 yr (Speyside Single Malt)  $14

Glengassaugh Revival (High Single Malt)  $12

Glenlivet 12 yr (Speyside Single Malt)  $14

Glenlivet Nadurra (Speyside Single Malt)  $16

Highland Park 12 year (Orkney Islands Single Malt)  $15

Johnny Walker Black (12 year blend)  $14

Lagavulin 16 year (Islay Single Malt)  $18

Laphroaig 10 year (Islay Single Malt)  $16

Macallan 12 year (Highland Single Malt)  $16

Monkey Shoulder (Speyside Malt Blend)  $14

Oban 14 (Highland Single Malt)  $16



Bushmills (Antrim, Ireland)  $12

Glendalough Double Barrel (Wicklow, Ireland)  $14

Glendalough 7 year Single Malt Porter Finish (Wicklow, Ireland)  $12

Greenspot (Cork, Ireland)  $16

Jameson's (Cork Co., Ireland)  $10

Jameson’s Black Barrel (Cork Co., Ireland)  $10

Jameson's Blender’s Dog (Cork Co., Ireland)  $15

Jameson's Caskmates IPA (Cork Co., Ireland)  $10

Jameson’s Caskmates Stout (Cork Co., Ireland)  $9

Jameson's Cooper’s Croze (Cork Co., Ireland)  $15

Kilbeggan (Westmeath Co., Ireland)  $12

Kilbeggan Single Grain (Westmeath Co., Ireland)  $14

Kilbeggan Small Batch Rye (Westmeath Co. Ireland)   $14

Knappogue Castle 14 (Antrim Co., Ireland)  $14

Midleton Barry Crockett (Cork Co., Ireland)  $50

Paddy's (Cork Co., Ireland)  $10

Powers (Cork Co., Ireland) $10

Proper Twelve (Dublin, Irelan)  $12

Redbreast (Cork Co., Ireland)  $12

Slane Irish Whiskey (Meath Co., Ireland)  $12

Teeling Small Batch (Dublin, Ireland)  $12

Teeling Single Malt (Dublin, Ireland)  $15

The Irishman Single Malt (Carlow Co., Ireland)  $12

The Irishman 12 yr single malt (Carlow Co., Ireland)  $16

Tullamore Dew (Offaly Co., Ireland) $9

Tyconnell Single Malt (Louth Co., Ireland)  $14

Tyconnell Single Malt 10 yr Port cast finish (Louth Co., Ireland)  $16

Tyconnell Single Malt 15 yr Madeira cast finish (Louth Co., Ireland)  $20

Writer’s Tears (Carlow Co. Ireland)  $10



Fuyu (Honshu Island)  $14

Hibiki Harmony (Yamazaki, Hakushu blend)  $16

Suntory Toki (Hakushu single malt, Chita Grain blend)  $16

Yamazaki 12 yr  $30

Yamazaki 18 yr  $60



Crown Royal (Manitoba, Canada)  $10

Masterson’s Rye (Alberta, Canada)  $14


Other Whiskey’s

Brenne Single Malt Cognac Finish (Cognac, FR)  $14


We do not currently serve food in-house,

however guests are welcome to bring in food from outside.

We do have a partner caterer for events!

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